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Democracy and the Heritage of the Soviet System
International Education Forum

Budapest, 30th November - 1st December 2001

The Association initiated an international conference on the Soviet dictatorship with the intention to help introducing teaching programmes on the Soviet System as well as organising the Remembrance Day for the Victims of the Communism. The aim of the conference was to discuss how can teachers confront their students with the history and the functioning of dictatorships and throw lights upon the importance of respecting human rights, being conscious citizens and guarding the institutions of democracy. The conference took place in December 2001 in Budapest, and more than forty teachers participated at the program.


Opening: Monika Kovács (Hannah Arendt Association) and Tamás Tafferner (Hungarian Ministry of Education)
Marie Rydh (Swedish Ministry of Education): Swedish Educational Programme on Soviet Totalitarism of Living History Project
György Gyarmati (Office of History): The Soviet-type Society
Ákos Szilágyi (ELTE BTK): The Scapegoats of the Soviet System
András Bozóki (CEU): The Party and Governing the Country
Éva Standeisky (The 1956 Institute): Party-state Controlled Literature
András Kovács(CEU): Ideology
János Kovács (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Austria): Economy
Matthias Heyl (Foundation "Erziehung nach/über Auschwitz" Germany):
A Holocaust Education as a model for Teaching About Totalitarianism
Bodo von Borris (Universitat Hamburg, Germany) : The Role of History in Public and Private Sphere
János Rainer M. (The 1956 Institute): School Remembrance Days (23rd October, 25th February)
György Gyarmati (Office of History): Dictatorship 1956-1989.
Mihály Laki (MTA Institute of Economics): Economy, Achivement of Middle Class Status
Vilmos Heiszler (ELTE BTK): Politial Oppositions
László Kisbali (Hungarian University of Craft and Design): Political Poetry of György Petri
Endre Szkárosi (ELTE BTK): Alternatives in Arts

The conference was supported by Soros Foundation and the Hungarian Ministry of Education

Beró László and Gyarmati György Szkárosi Endre Bodo von Borris Kovács András and Kovács János Bozóki András and Standeisky Éva
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