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Kovács Mónika (ed.): Holocaust education and promoting autonomy

Eve Bunting: Terrible Things

Kovács Mónika: Treatment of Jewish Themes in Hungarian Schools (In English!)

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"Facing History and Ourselves. Holocaust and Human Behaviour"

"Citizenship education, building blocks for democracy"


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Democracy and the Heritage of the Soviet System

Obedience and Resistance

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Resource Book:
Facing History and Ourselves. Holocaust and Human Behaviour - Hungarian Edition

I. The Individual and Society
II. We and They
III. Germany in the 1920s
IV. Hungary in the 1920s and 1930s
V. The Nazis Take Power
VI. Conformity and Obedience
VII. Escalating Violence
VIII. The Holocaust
IX. Bystanders and Rescuers
X. Judgement
XI. Historical Legacies
XII. Choosing to Participate