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Hannah Arendt Association is a non -profit organisation whose mission is to introduce new teaching materials into schools, which attempt to combat racism, prejudice and group violence and which encourage students to advocate human rights, to develop multicultural thinking, and to become committed and conscientious citizens.

The Hannah Arendt Association was established in 1997 by teachers, psychologists and education experts, who had previously worked with the programme "Facing History and Ourselves. Holocaust and Human Behaviour". The Association's purpose, in addition to organising teacher training seminars introducing "Facing History and Ourselves" programme is to develop a centre which would provide continued support to teachers after their training with methodology training, teaching, teaching materials, and also by creating a network of school participating in the programme.

The "Facing History and Ourselves. Holocaust and Human Behaviour" programme is an educational one, was developed in the United States but which is also implemented in Canada and Europe. In 1997 the Hungarian "Facing History and Ourselves" resource book was published with the support of the Soros Foundation. The structure, the continuity of the ideas and most of the chapters of the original American version were presented in the Hungarian one. However, additional chapters were integrated to include Hungarian history, contemporary Hungarian society, and minorities living in Hungary.

Educators who participate in teacher training seminars become familiar with an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. In addition to history, participants study psychological, sociological, ethical and philosophical viewpoints and acquire co-operative learning and democratic teaching techniques. The programme has been submitted to the teacher training accreditation committee of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and teachers receive certificate and credit points for participating at the training.

"In comparison with the insane end - result - concentration - camp society - the process by which men are prepared for this end, and the methods by which individuals are adapted to these conditions, are transparent and logical. The insane mass manufacture of corpses is preceded by the historically and politically intelligible preparation of living corpses. (...) this in turn could only happen because the rights of man, which had never seen philosophically established but merely formulated, which had never been politically secured but merely proclaimed, have, in their traditional form, lost all validity."

(Hannah Arendt)