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Facing History and Ourselves. Holocaust and Human Behaviour

In the last four years more than ten teacher trainings were organised by the HAA using "Facing History and Ourselves. Holocaust and Human Behaviour" program, about 500 teachers participated at the trainings. After the success of the introductory training in the last two years the HAA has started organising advanced trainings as well to help teachers to study more thoroughly the introduced ideas.

The "Facing History and Ourselves. Holocaust and Human Behaviour" educational program, was developed in the United States but is also implemented in Canada and Europe. Educators who participate in teacher training seminars become familiar with an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. In addition to history, participants study psychological, sociological, ethical and philosophical viewpoints and acquire co-operative learning and democratic teaching techniques. The program (the introductory and advanced training as well) has been submitted to the teacher training accreditation committee of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and teachers receive certificate and credit points for participating at the trainings. The Association is continuing its teacher trainings (introductory and advanced level), and is organising at least four trainings every year.

The teacher trainings have been supported partially by the Hungarian Soros Foundation.

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